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Originally Posted by ranger42c View Post

Can't get 10-180 senders from the same source? Or some other inexpensive 10-180 senders?

If not, I'm guessing math could maybe pencil-whip it to a certain extent. 190 range (0-190) mapped to 170 range (10-180). In general, resistance within that kind of range is a straight-line function (as far as I know), and the only other possible glitch to that (that I know of) might be is if your tank is irregularly shaped.

Given tank dimensions, it's possible to roughly calculate volume (which can be converted to gallons) at various sender float levels... but that might get kinda complicated it the senders you're thinking of are articulated float-arm things -- i.e., unlike the straightline senders like WEMA sells. I don't quite know how to tell where the sender arm is at any given time (level) on those articulated guys...

Thanks for the comments Chris
One of the reasons for this is I can do all my 7 tanks for less than 1k including digital guages. Or go wema ($150-$190)and Cruzpro ($235 Each) for over 3K. I can easily build a chart in excel % in tanks to galls. This is all part of fetching my boat into this decade with a full pumping to any tank and polishing any tank. My engine room saddle tanks are around 55" deep (and 500galls) each and two further 48" dep x 500Galls under the aft cockpit floor. If you think I would lose some sensitivity/accuracy when full and empty I don't think that would be a problem. Just trying to install a reasonable priced system.
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