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Some small RIBS benefit from a hydrofoil on the outboard. Doelfin, Stingray, Whaletail, choose your poison I don't have experience with any of them but when I see one on a RIB I have always asked how they work and the answer has almost always been something like "good." Downside is there is no adjustment, so they work or they don't but there is no tweak. They may also shave a little speed off top end and get in the way

There are three types of trim tabs for a small RIB to consider

Fixed: Cheapest, adjustable but not underway, includes "wedges"

Spring Loaded: Bennett and Nauticus and maybe others, offer more tab when you need it to get on plane, and less as speed increases, some adjustability but not underway

Electric: Bennett and Lenco and others, fully operational trim tabs that are just the actuators, planes and control at helm. Best and most expensive

There are also "intercepters." These sound just wrong but really work. I don't believe any of the manufacturers make any small enough for a RIB, but fixed intercepters would be easy to fabricate and would be adjustable, but not underway.

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