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Each state is different -

In Arizona for a private party automotive sale (related parties or not) there is no sales tax due. This only applies to private party vehicle transactions in the state of AZ. A vehicle purchased at a licensed vehicle store (new or used car dealership) has to pay sales tax! (Yeah the car dealers don't like that either)

Ongoing taxes (a use tax if you will) for cars and light trucks are charged each year (or for 2 to 5 year for extended renewals) to renew the AZ registration. This tax is included in the registration process and is an excise tax based on the value of the automobile. Bringing in a privately owned vehicle from out of state does NOT trigger a sales tax whether the sale occurred that day or years earlier from some other state. It was a private sale. (Personally I bought a truck in Florida in 2016 at a used car store, drove it to AZ and paid no sales tax in either state.)

In AZ For vessels (boats of any type) the yearly registration fee is a flat fee based on length. Zero to 64 feet + the registration fees are $20 to $66 for the different lengths. There is no tax owed or charged. I think there is no sales tax either however all of my boats came from another state.
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