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Originally Posted by JOY-SEA View Post
Other day I was a boat dock , talking with a fellow boater ,
He was saying , I use my boat so seldom , Just sits in wet slip , paying costly marina fees , Don't want too get out of boating , a trailer boat something I can take home , keep free , maintain at my leisure
Nice looking Luhrs sport fisherman around 34 ft ,
Value around 60 thousand . diesel

I own a 2004 Regal Commodore , 30 ft , 9.6 beam , gas . Value $ 45
Luxury galore, comforts of home
Has twin IO kept high & dry , Bottom like new , IO's clean
I have a 3 axle trailer , Trailered many times ,
Retired using Regal multiple days weekly ,
Having a trailer I am mobile

Guy says too me , INTERESTED IN A TRADE ?
His boat on the surface very nice, large areas, diesel engines . A brief moment I considered but my next boat will be a Trawler something I can spend weeks aboard cruising.
GOT ME THINKING - what's the advantages, disadvantages, taxes ?
Hitting Google lot of info on taxes but little on barter / boat 4 boat
Many adds land for boat
Boater wanting too down size willing too trade ,
Collector car for boat , plane , motor cycles
How is this handled ? up side down , adding cash ,
Bartering saves broker fees , is it possible too trade titles with no taxes

Any fellow trawler owners looking too trade a luxury Regal with new engines , trailer , for a equal VG mechanical condition trawler ????

Location is FL

thanks as usual
Florida would trigger no tax if no money changes hands. I'm sure some of the brokers can chime in and offer good advise.

Trading sounds like a viable way to accomplish your goals.
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