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Trading boat 4 boat of equal value ARE TAXES DUE ?

Other day I was a boat dock , talking with a fellow boater ,
He was saying , I use my boat so seldom , Just sits in wet slip , paying costly marina fees , Don't want too get out of boating , a trailer boat something I can take home , keep free , maintain at my leisure
Nice looking Luhrs sport fisherman around 34 ft ,
Value around 60 thousand . diesel

I own a 2004 Regal Commodore , 30 ft , 9.6 beam , gas . Value $ 45
Luxury galore, comforts of home
Has twin IO kept high & dry , Bottom like new , IO's clean
I have a 3 axle trailer , Trailered many times ,
Retired using Regal multiple days weekly ,
Having a trailer I am mobile

Guy says too me , INTERESTED IN A TRADE ?
His boat on the surface very nice, large areas, diesel engines . A brief moment I considered but my next boat will be a Trawler something I can spend weeks aboard cruising.
GOT ME THINKING - what's the advantages, disadvantages, taxes ?
Hitting Google lot of info on taxes but little on barter / boat 4 boat
Many adds land for boat
Boater wanting too down size willing too trade ,
Collector car for boat , plane , motor cycles
How is this handled ? up side down , adding cash ,
Bartering saves broker fees , is it possible too trade titles with no taxes

Any fellow trawler owners looking too trade a luxury Regal with new engines , trailer , for a equal VG mechanical condition trawler ????

Location is FL

thanks as usual
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