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Originally Posted by C lectric View Post
twistedtree beat me to it.

Check out the price of a new cord complete with the ends.
Check out the cost of new ends to redo your existing cord.

If you do much cruising an extra length could be invaluable where the outlet you need is a long ways away from your boat. If the ends are available it may be worthwhile re/re it for secondary use.
I recently replaced a very old, very stiff 50 amp cord that I had retrofitted with a Smart Plug. I finally had enough struggling with the weight of that cord but it was its stiffness that finally pushed me to replace it. It was always a struggle to coil it up, a task which my co-captain was unable to do.

I replaced it with a Smart Plug cordset which, of course, had a molded in Smart Plug end. The beauty part is the the insulating cover is of what I believe is silicone rubber which is much lighter and very much more pliable making retrieving and coiling now a simple task, one with which the co-captain now helps. It was well worth the cost, to me, about $400 from Hodges Marine, including shipping. I left the old one with the boat yard for someone to use or salvage.

Don't have a Smart Plug connection? A new "standard" cord will have the same pliable cover. My point is, save the space and get rid of that old cord. A new one will last your lifetime.
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