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Solar controller question

Originally Posted by djmarchand View Post
If you install parallel controllers then the maximum current will be about 25A for each, so 10 gauge will be fine if the controller is within a couple of feet of the batteries, but if one single controller then at 50A you need #6 to keep the voltage drop to less than a tenth of a volt.

You will need to wire your single or dual controllers to a fuse block within 6" of the battery to meet ABYC. From the fuse block to the batteries use #6. Use a 60A fuse.


Got it. Thanks.

What kind of fuse block are you talking about? Iíve searched around but donít know what Iím looking for really.

So would I run four #6 wires from both controllers to this fuse block, and then two #6 wires to the battery bank? Does it matter how I hook it up to the 4 battery house bank?

Sorry for all the stupid questions, but Iím pretty stupid when it comes to this stuff. [emoji30]
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