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I did the trip from Tacoma to Seward and return last ssummer and I can say there is no reason you shouldn't. Your fuel capacity would dictate a fuel stop in Yakutat, which will mean a longer course/more time in the Gulf.

I've crossed the Gulf twice directly and once via Yakutat. In all three cases we evaluated the weather very carefully and conservatively. Twice we got it right.

The westbound leg this year developed moderate swells which would have been tolerable had we not had a crosswind causing confused seas. Still not particularly hazardous, but very fatiguing, especially in the dark.
We were a crew of three, but one guy confessed his inability and we let him opt out. Autopilot was completely fuddled.

I agree with others re: sanitation. Once you pass Stuart Island, the expectation is that you'll pump overboard.

BTW: When you're calculating your endurance, remember, once you get to sheltered waters at Hinchinbrook Entrance, you are still several hours drive from fuel.

Fueling in Yakutat is "novel". Be sure to discuss it with someone who has done it.
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