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Hi Maineman,

For sure your Camano would be fine from Puget Sound up to Glacier Bay. You'd have enough fuel at 6 knots to go pretty much wherever you wish. You'd get 4+ nmpg, right?

I have no experience heading further NW than Cross Sound. From what ksanders says, it seems you could make it across the Gulf of Alaska fuel wise. I've been reluctant to head that way because it's such a long time exposed to open ocean conditions - long stretches between safe anchorages, and lots of rolling possible.

We did 23 summers on the Inside Passage through BC and SE AK in a C-Dory 22 and a Bounty 26-footer. Wonderful cruising/scenery/fishing/critter-watching. Hard to beat. Three more summers so far in our present NT37 - I'm content not going further north.

You might investigate routes and anchorages by perusing, along with charts, cruising guides such as the "Exploring" series by Douglass. I'd be happy to discuss further if you like.
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