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Originally Posted by Seevee View Post
Kinda hard without more details about the dimensions of your boat.

However, perhaps if you had some sort of hoist that could get them above the walkway onto the racks you linked to attached to the side of the flybridge.... would work.

I do that on my mainship, however, with the flybridge overhang, the kayak just sits on the overhang. Also, my kayak is 90 lbs, tandem pedal kayak... way heavier than most, but works excellent. The racks would take the place of the overhang.

I could argue against mounting them on the rail.... get in the way when locking or docking.
I definitely would not want to mount them so that they might interfere with docking - which is why I mentioned mounting them inboard. My boat has so much flare that there is essentially a "dead" space that the kayaks might occupy inboard just aft of the major flare of the bow. I did consider the upper rail which certainly could work, I just would prefer not to have to lift them up there as I would have to do that manually. The kayaks I have are about 30-35lbs each.

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