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Originally Posted by oceancrosser View Post
Here is the Darwin Award question... Can I use a simple two pole rocker switch from Lowes to replace my current switch?

The switch from Lowe's will be AC rated. Your blower switch is likely DC. It will have a rating inscribed on the switch, but it doesn't necessarily follow that it's correct. Your galley blower is probably DC, and it's probably less than 10A DC. It likely also only switches the (+) leg, so it will be single pole. If the existing switch has two places to connect wires, it is a single pole. If it has 4 terminals, it's probably 2 pole. Poles refers to the switching action. The nomenclature is logical and standardized; instructive guides are readily available. It really helps if you use proper nomenclature when asking for a part. What you need is likely a single pole, single throw (SPST) switch, rated for DC volts and a higher amperage than your load. Once you determine exactly what the switch needs to do, then you can search for the configuration that will cosmetically match your application.

A pic of the existing would help. Look for the rating on the switch body. Worst Marine may have it, but a look at Pacer or similar marine electrical supply source might yield a better match.
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