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I'm going to second (or third, fourth...) what others have said here. The only reasons to not go with the 20 are cost and weight. As it weighs the same as the 15hp, to me if you can handle the weight of the bigger block go with the 20hp. That's exactly what I did with our current setup, a 20hp EFI suzuki that replaced a 15hp carb 2 stroke. It's on an 11' Caribe light.

It's honestly pretty easy to handle a 20 on a tiller, you can quickly and easily adjust the tightness of the steering so there is no feedback. I run our dinghy on long freedive trips all the time, generally 5 to 10 miles, but sometimes longer, it's not so bad. Twenty miles may be pushing it, that's pretty far in a small boat. The thing that gets me after a long trip is more my back from sitting down and banging in the seas, not the size weight of the motor.
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