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RE: Radar

Marin wrote:We use ours most of the time not because we are worried about a collision but because we want to stay current as to how things look on the display.* So if we have to transition from visual steering to steering on instruments it's a no-brainer transition.* We have had to do this on numerous occasions over the years and because we are totally familiar with the radar display and interpreting it is nothing at all for us to enter a fog bank and simply keep on truckin'.*
Probably many of us*can tell*stories of when an unexpected need for radar occured, and the radar*saved the day (or at least helped a great deal).

For me, it was getting an emergency call to head to Ketchikan to relieve a tug captain who had to be hospitalized.* Within 24 hours, I was transiting Wrangell Narrows with a fully loaded gas/diesel barge.* My previous towing experience in SE Alaska up to that time was on larger tugs/barges which did not regularly transit Wrangell Narrows.* The transit was daylight and good conditions, but I navigated with my head in the radar and steering with a jog stick, looking up every now and then to get perspective.

The second trip through, there was fog starting at Blind Slough (about half-way through), and my prior experience gained by using the radar under good conditions was priceless.*
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