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If the dinghy capacity rating plate says 20, 20 should be OK.

If you ever intend to lift the thing, solve that before you buy the dinghy and motor. Really important!

EFI good, carbs suck. (Or not, as the case may be.)

Weight is an issue if you intend to mount and dismount the outboard often... or depending on whether you decide to lift it... and in that case, HOW you will lift it (motor attached? or not?). Some models are slightly lighter in weight than others -- maybe the Suzuki DF20A, for example, which is also an EFI system; they were lighter at least when they were introduced. (Not a recommendation, just an observation... although we have a DF15A and it seems to work well enough.)

Or if you never intend to lift it, might put it on a trailer for winter, etc... then weight might not be such a big deal.

I dunno about Highfields, but I can tell you an internal "floor" is nice... I wouldn't go backwards on that feature again, FWIW...

As for safety with kids... a 15 and a 20 on that weight dinghy are equal... both can make that dink get squirelly in a heartbeat, so you'll have to solve that with training or other external solutions.

Were it me, I'd probably start with what you have while you think about it... and then if I were to go larger, I'd likely go with whatever the max on the capacity plate says.

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