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It has little to do with HP, but I would GREATLY favor an EFI engine over a carburetor. In my experience they are much, much less prone to fuel problems when left unused for prolonged time, like over the winter.

Now that said, I'd be a bit leery of any vendor's brand new model. I prefer things that have a few years of proof behind them.

As for HP, I'd probably go for the 15 or the 20. With any load, I expect it will be hard to get the 8/9 up on a plane. With one person the 15/20 will probably be grossly over powered, but with 2 people plus gear, it would still be nice to be able to get up on plane..

As for your kid, I wonder if there are devices to limit the throttle? That would guard against a sudden, unexpected goose of the throttle that could end in disaster, and give him time to get progressively more comfortable operating the boat. With just him in the boat, it would be easy to get in trouble with a 15/20hp. And be certain to always use the engine kill lanyard. If you have ever seen a run-away boat where the operator got tossed out, you will never run without a lanyard again.
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