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Originally Posted by sunchaser View Post
You have pretty described Tony's Fleming 65 "Venture" which has crossed many oceans.
Having cruised aboard Venture I and II, I can attest to their seaworthiness (I've made offshore passages aboard every current model Fleming, 55, 58, 65 and 75). On a passage from Scotland to Iceland, via the Faroes, we encountered truly nasty conditions, square waves that put the vessel through her paces. I was literally airborne above the helm chair if not holding on while on watch, and above my berth when off watch. Every light on the boat is LED with the exception of the berth reading lights, and at the end of that passage the filament in every one of them was broken. We lost a few wine glasses and a bottle of really good Scottish beer broke in the reefer, causing quite a mess. Nothing else failed or broke. Not the worst offshore passage I've made, but close. Here's the review

Having said that, neither Venture has "crossed an ocean" although other Flemings have. Venture I has covered many sea miles.

I wrote a review of the Elling E3 several years ago, and have been to the factory on a few occasions. An article about the latter can be found here

The Elling roll over is staged, it has no rails or other deck gear, however, I know of no other production builder that has demonstrated righting ability (and watertight integrity) of a vessel of this displacement, in this manner. The guy sitting in the helm chair during the roll over, btw, is the owner of the company, Anton van den Bos. Here's the video
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