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Even if you found a rot free boat, after you buy the boat, the boat can rot. The rot may also be incipient rot, meaning it just waiting for you to buy the boat and then it begins to spread and appear, maybe due to how your storing-using the boat. Its there, it is spreading and you cant tell or find out.

Incipient rot is hard to detect, but really the rot is growing it just has not yet totaled the structure strength to the point where you can notice the effects.

Rot does not just suddenly appear, and you then say, oh its rotten. Rot has already been rotting a structure invisibly for a long time even, spreading it tendrils into the structure. A little here, a little there, enough time, enough water, enough warmth, it can seem to grow fast, buts actually been there a long time already. Rot spores are present in the wood from the forest, even new wood has rot spores. They are like seeds waiting for the right conditions to grow. Lets say the wood dries up and the fungus dies, well it sporulates in the wood and goes into hibernation again as invisible seeds waiting for the right conditions to grow again.

Rot is a dark insidious creature.
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