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Steve wrote:
A ladder on the transom or swim platform is great for climbing aboard in calm conditions, but in any sort of chop or weather the platform could be like a huge flyswatter, and you know who is the fly. unless someone very capable is still on board I really don't know what can be done, deploying the boom to hoist someone will take lots of time and strength . We carry a Lifesling on the deck if it can be gotten out and caught by whoever is in the water maybe just hold them alongside the boat till help arrives. If the person on board could drop the dinghy that would be a help too.
I try to be very careful especially offshore but accidents do happen. . we wear life jackets out side in weather or offshore.
We do have written instructions on calling for help or mayday printed out next to the radio.
Steve W.

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*one time i was recovering a towed dinghy while underway, had to reach ropes in the water etc, so i had to get on the swimdeck, there were some medium size swells and definitively can say it would not be easy at all to climb up the ladder (i did not fall in), and another huge consideration would be the proximety of the props.
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