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RE: Overboard

I wish I could get her to understand this stuff but I don't think it's going to happen.


Same problem, on occasion, as my high-school education and my wife's (of 40yrs) differed in one significant respect. She shied away from the hard sciences, I shied away from the arts. So when I ask her to do something with the boat that comes naturally to me, she approaches the task with little or no understanding of the basics, or how things work, and usually has to ask me for assistance (even if this is something she does frequently) and once the task is complete, has no understanding of what she has just done. This is definitely not a male/female thing, as I know several other couples who have the same experiences, and some of those have the guy simply not understanding, as he is the one ill equipped by his basic education or aptitudes.

I concluded long ago that I should just grin and bear it, as it is too late to make such basic changes to her makeup.

On following the GPS route, I will get it set up, the computer or plotter will display our position and the route, so all she has to do is correct the course to stay relatively close to the line. I don't expect, nor would I want her to start setting up routes on her own. She did get her Radio operator's certificate, and she can read lat and long from the instruments.
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