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Originally Posted by AusCan View Post
I'm happy without a generator on the boat for a number of reasons.

They take up valuable space on a small boat. I could squeeze one in, but access for servicing would be very tight.
Our electricity requirements are small. We prefer cooking with gas, so electricity isn't required for a stove. LED's have reduced the power required for lighting.
Although we have hot summers (over 100F today in Adelaide), it is a dry heat similar to Phoenix's and on the water it is always cooler. A/C isn't required. A swim during the day and a fan at night keeps us comfortable.
We don't watch TV, we don't own an electric coffeemaker, the fridge/freezer is DC, we make toast over the gas stove.

We have a small invertor, but don't use it as everything on the boat is DC.
With one 250 watt solar panel we can keep batteries charged indefinitely.

What are we missing?
Wifey B: Missing many things but none that are important to you. That's the key. If you don't feel deprived, then it's all great.

To me, it would feel like camping, which I've never done.
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