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Originally Posted by Ski in NC View Post
Not antipathy. It's just that there are lots of sources of energy, and lots of ways of managing that energy on a boat. And a gennie is a rather crude (yet effective) source.

Gets engineers to scratch their heads and say "there has got to be a better way".

That's what you are seeing here.
Wifey B: I see this thread with engineer thoughts but read so many going to such effort to avoid them when they don't have a better solution. Perhaps soon we'll be talking about gas and diesel engines in the same way, as crude, yet effective, sources.

I'm not saying exploring options isn't wise. However, I also see many spending a lot of time and money trying to circumvent them and others sacrificing a lot of comfort in trying to do the same.

Hoping the engineers keep at it, but meanwhile I'll just enjoy and be happy to have generators.
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