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Some common thoughts

Lot's of great info.

1) The manufacturers' reputation counts. Obviously, if Hatteras is cored it's less of a concern than Bills discount hulls.

2) There's a difference between balsa and foam core. Surveyors have opinions on both, it seems. A problem with either is a pain and needs repair. The major issue is that if the fiberglass is too thin on either side of the core, it can be compromised easier. That goes back to the reputation issue.

3) It seems like everyone agrees on solid hull below the waterline if they have a choice. Coring above, in superstructure (when you can't afford all that kevlar), are ok.

4) Most importantly, regardless of coring type - there HAS to be solid material wherever any opening or hold will be. That's easier for the manufacturer - and makes it really critical for the uniformed DIY guy after the sale. Buyer beware on used. Get your own surveyor - not the sellers!!! And pay for the best survey possible.

So - that's what I have distilled from all the input. Through all this, I've found the company I'm interested in has solid fiberglass below the waterline and a great reputation.

I had been interested in another large company. Coring aside, and number of units produced, the interiors and appliances aren't much better than a high-end RV. That's good on land - but for me - not at sea.

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