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Originally Posted by McGillicuddy View Post
I would have thought that ‘gimmick’ and ‘marketing ploy’ were synonymous. But maybe my English ain’t so good.
But I didn't say that it was primarily a gimmick. I said half impressive, half gimmick. That is not saying it is primarily a gimmick or primarily a marketing ploy. That's not semantics. It's the difference between what was said and how it was interpreted.

Whether quotation marks were used or not, it was attributed to me.

I will reiterate, I am not saying, have never said, it was primarily a marketing ploy or primarily a gimmick. I've said it had some impressiveness to it, some legitimacy as a feature and it had some gimmickry to it or marketing strategy.

I've also said Elling builds fine boats for rough seas and conditions, but they're not the only semi-displacement boat that can handle such conditions.

I'm far more impressed by those who have been on them in rough seas and commented as to how well they performed than I am by the self righting exhibition. I've heard nothing but good things about them and to me those are far more indicative of ability to cross oceans than is the righting test.
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