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I'm appreciating the feedback, thanks. To some of the comments - yes I referred to their marketing video - which is terrible. I've been in marketing all my career. Absolute seems to get high marks on their products. If you can read through the reviewers who say everything is great - it appears they have a clean factory that's pretty well-run. It's odd to me that they would promote CAD. LOL. I"m very familiar with cored hulls. Clearly, when done right it's a good product - I can't imagine Hatteras would compromise. That said, it's interesting to see a company still doing a hand-lay up fiberglass hulls. Nordhaven has solid fiberglass hulls below the waterline. Outer Reef is the same. I can understand why mega-companies like Benateue with multiple brands and high volumes do cored - it's a matter of efficiencies and economies. But it seems to be a common theme on trawlers to be solid fiberglass.
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