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Originally Posted by AvalonGB View Post
Thanks Dan - very helpful link

I had the link up in a tab for months. I hesitated when I closed the tab because I figured as soon as I closed the tab, I would need the website.

Twas easy to refind though.

We were looking at water front property in eastern NC so I was checking flooding issues. I think you have to live with the flood AND wind risk, carry insurance, or live where it does not flood. There are such places but I think they are out of our price range and water access would also be an issue.

We are well inland but we have seen quite a bit of wind and flooding damage from hurricanes over the years. Thankfully, no damage at our place. Knock on wood. But we do not have to worry about evacuating like down east.

One lot we looked at would flood but I figured we could build a house well above flood levels. But during a flood event we would have to leave or risk vehicles being a total loss. The family member living on Black Creek lost his cars to flooding in Irma and he did not evacuate. Dockage I suppose could be built to have a chance to withstand some flood events. What we never found out was the cost of building floating docks, as well as if permits were required and what that would cost/entail.

We saw a really nice condo along the Cape Fear in Wilmington. It might have had boat access but the website did not really say. The HOA fees, which I assume included flood insurance, was 14,000 a year.
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