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You probably need to start with a well known design and builder and add the stuff specifically for your requirements. If 80% or so of the boat is stock, then the builder should be able to provide a fixed price for the boat with your additions.

But also consider installing expensive electronic systems once it gets to the states and you have paid the builder for their part of the work. These systems are almost always better if installed by a local pro.

If I were spending $1+MM for a semi-custom built boat, I would have a detailed schedule of payments based on verifiable progress, a contract that holds back 10% until the owner is fully satisfied that it has been delivered to spec and engage a surveyor to travel to Taiwan or wherever and inspect the build quality every other month and communicate with the owner any changes that come up.

I suspect that there are American surveyors who live in the east and do this type of work routinely.

I know a thing or two about such contracts in western jurisdictions and they work out quite well. Don't know how it would be with an Asian built boat. You probably do need to find an attorney who can help you with this.

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