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Displacement or/and Full Displacement

Many boats on this forum that are called or considered FD don’t measure up to that description by normal methods. The boats that aren’t really FD should IMO be called simply “displacement” boats. Why did the expression “Full Displacement” come to pass? The reason must have been similar to my thinking here. From a classification standpoint what’s the difference between an IG 36 and the big Hatt except size? Little I’m say’in. So this fourth classification may make classification of hulls easier. What are some thoughts?

Full Displacement

Too many of these on the fence designs exist. Haterass .. the typical big Hatt boats of about 65’ we usta call houseboats. Very hard to classify by most normal methods. From a hull shape standpoint they arn’t FD and the are by hull shape actually much like a planing hull. A SD at least. A lot like the Chris-Craft of the early 50’s. Yet I think they are called FD by most all owners that would be offended if I called them SD. But I could be convinced to call them “Displacement” boats. They are (as designed) and powered, not capable of more than a tad over calculated hull speed. But I really don’t know much about the boat. Aft pics would help.

Only supportable classification would put them in the underpowered SD classification.
But the option of calling them just displacement boats has merrit. It’s not fully supportable from a hull shape based classification standpoint ... as I have always insisted upon ... but it may be better than calling them clearly what they are not.

I only mentioned the big Hatt’s but there are many others. Lots or most of the DeFevers are similar.
If I see another post to this end I’ll start another thread. OK I did anyway.

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