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Originally Posted by bridaus View Post
Left side of the picture, stainless.

  1. Can you take the top off normally, in other words just unbolt it and reach in and clean out gunk? I assume the waterline is below it (I'll verify of course)
  2. Is there or should there be a strainer in there? If there isn't when I crack it, is that a problem (I'd think so, although I see a strainer inline in places.
  3. Confirm that the plastic elbow at the bottom is a bad idea. I think it is, no valve and could break easily.
  4. Is it OEM? Add on?
  5. Is it a plus for the boat, or a liability?
  6. I probably forgot a question, general opining encouraged.

This is the second time I have seen this type sea chest setup recently. I ran into it while looking at a boat last year. A mid 30's foot Carver, I think. The set up on that boat was vastly different. The sea chest was heavily supported against a bulkhead and set atop a brass or bronze seacock. It had a screen in it that was shaped kind of like a basket. The top was roughly 12 inches or so above the water line. It had an air fitting on top. I was lead to believe it was for relieving air pressure and also for blowing debris out of the sea chest and/or the seacock. It had several 3/4 and 1-inch valves connected to it. I never looked to see where all of them went. Most went to AC systems and the genset. The engines had their own seacocks.
What a pain in the transom.

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