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Originally Posted by Choices View Post
It is gelatinous.

Coolers are clean, in fresh water for now, I barnicle buster regularly.

To get to half pencil zinc takes about three months.

Same gelatin is sometimes found on stern plates at half life.
1) do not run BB through with zincs in unless you plan to change zincs immediately after

2) sounds like you need to be changing that zinc every 3 months

I was having to change zincs often (i.e. every 3 months) until I put a galvinic isolator in, not it looks like I can get 6 months. There are so many variables, one is neighboring boats which you cannot control

Even if a zinc appears 50% it may actually be 0%. Reason being because some zincs are made with other materials, metals, and the zinc gets eaten out first, leaving some other stuff that isn't zinc. Find out if your anodes are 100% or comprised of other metals.

As for the gel, that does not look good. When is the last time you had your entire cooling system cleaned/serviced/replaced? Barnacle buster is not a magical solution that lets you get away with skipping major service intervals...
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