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RE: LED pilot light on 110v circuit

Keith wrote:
I need to install a LED pilot light to show if a 110 circuit is energized or not. I haven't a clue how to start. Help!
*Keith, You need a 110v neon or LED indicator lamp (both run cool and last long) similar to the pic below.* Get the type with wires about 9" long already attached. Splice on extra wire with heat shrink butt connectors if required. Preferably pick a place on your circuit that already has connections on it: the switch, pump, whatever, so that you don't need to cut into the existing wires. One leg from the lamp goes to to live and the other leg to neutral. It doesn't matter which way round you connect a neon. LED's only work one way round so test before you make it permanent. Hope this is what you wanted.

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