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Originally Posted by ksanders View Post
Funny story, Steve bought his 48 LRC because I turned him on to the Hatteras LRC’s after falling in love with them. His former boat was a Bayliner 4788 and he wanted something with more offshore capability.

He bought the only decent shape 48 LRC on the west coast, about a year before I was ready to move up in size. I drooled over his boat but needed a bit more time and he was ready willing and able.

I still love the 48 LRC’s and could come within spitting distance of trading my boat for one, but with all the time and energy I put into my 4788 I just do not want to go through it again, not for my coastal cruising plans.

Great boats they are!!! I think they could do a pacific crossing, or come close. Perhaps there might be the need to have a fuel bladder.

The Hatteras LRC’s were cruising the worlds oceans before Nordhavn was even a dream.
Steve sold that Hatt 48 LRC last year. I was operating in the SF Bay when the new owner was moving west in the Bay toward Sausalito to stage for a weather window to go out the Golden Gate. I saw him on the AIS and hailed him. We had a brief radio exchange and he was so excited to have that boat.

Sadly, due to personal circumstances, cruising that LRC far and wide was a dashed dream for Steve. Aside from the trip down the coast after purchase, she remained in the Bay and Delta where he and his family thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was great to see the dream fulfillment for the new owner begin.
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