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Originally Posted by Comodave View Post
An exhaust gas temperature sensor will tell you what the engine load is doing. The Borel alarm is aimed towards the water flow and not the exhaust gas temperature function. The Borel will tell you almost immediately if you loose cooling water flow. The exhaust gas temperature sensor is mounted before the cooling water is injected into the exhaust. It can tell you if you are overloading the engine but not if you loose cooling water flow.
Are you confusing the Borel exhaust hose alarm (just a band) that IS installed on the exterior of the engine exhaust hose AFTER the water injection point with a pyrometer that is installed (near the turbo if there is one) and the exhaust temp is actually measured PRIOR to the water injection point? The Borel band cannot measure engine load as it is simply an overheat alarm. If the hose temp goes above the set point, the alarm goes off, meaning investigate now, there is a problem.
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