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1988 Marine Trader Starter cables get HOT!

Greetings and thank you for taking the time to read this. I am still in the process of getting my "New to me" Tradewinds started for the first time. I know in order to get fuel primed and back up to the injectors after cleaning out my tanks etc. I need to crank the engine for a bit. Unfortunately after just a few seconds of cranking the connections on the starter get hot and began to smoke so of course I stop and have not been able to get fuel up to where I need it among other obvious issues. I have new batteries and new cables, heavier than the ones I replaced and just about the thickest/heaviest ive seen on any boat. Is it possible I need bigger batteries? Im trying to start Volvo Penta TAMD40's with multiple 12V batteries. Im not sure about the way the batteries are wired but the PO was an electrical engineer and he did some customizations but im pretty confident with his work. Does anybody have a manual or docs on connecting multiple 12V batteries for two Marine diesels and a generator? Thanks for any info you can provide.
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