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Originally Posted by 78puget-trawler View Post
I once made a gravel pit trip on one of the oldest tugs around, the BEE. Built before the turn of the century, the 20th that is. 65' long and had one of those early Cats in it, 240HP or something I think. It was with my dad, and another tugboater name Cliff Thompson, no relation I suppose. He was a good friend of dads and of the Shrewsburys. Seattle to Steilacoom and back. This was mid to late 60's I think.
Hummm- I know the Bee from around 1960 when Lloyd Whaley owned it, It had and has an old Atlas as a power plant. She is currently sitting in Wrangell under tarp with a owner effort to reconstruct the house ongoing.

When Lloyd owed it he was employed with Standard oil, as myself, as a warehouseman. He had the Bee, the Francis W. and one other old tug. He operated a "Skinny" tow boat service on the side. One time with the Bee under a tow, she ran out of fuel. Whaley really had to scramble to find fuel and deliver it. Tight race between the log rafts and the Bee on the beach. He made it because a good samaritan held the whole show off the shore.

A short story on Lloyd, His towing business cards used the Standard Oil office phone number and Standard Oil plant VHF call sign, The VHF radio was employed to maintain contact with the oil barge that supplied the outlying towns and logging camps. Lloyd would routinely use the radio to contact his boats. Often the phone calls were for Lloyd as well, k One day, while sitting in the main office, the manager who had just finished reminding Lloyd for some incident one of many, had exited the office for his managers office space. Several of us other employees, knowing the issue and witnessing to a degree, the reprimand, He lite up a 1886 cigar, leaned back in the chair and smiled, a call came in and the clerk advised the manager it was for him. Where upon Lloyd in a loud voice, in a hallow of cigar smoke, said "Make the call short, I am expecting a long distance call".

I swear to God, you can not make this stuff up!!! ,
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