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Originally Posted by rclarke246 View Post
I have read about adding some grease to the rubbers seals where the drive shafts exit the stern.

Has anyone actually done this on their Swift?

All I've ever done is to try and burp the air out (by squeezing) after periods of non-use. After 6 years still no trouble.

I don't want to mess up a good thing which is why I'm asking about greasing them.
So funny you asked I just figured it out (at least I think I did)

Apparently you need to burp every time the boat is hauled and re-launched

Should grease 1-2x per season

Here is a thread I found: Service Volvo Dripless Shaft Seal - Stuffing Box - Cruisers & Sailing Forums

What I did was obtain Volvo part # 828250 for a small tube of grease, cost was $7-8 off amazon or ebay

I followed what other people are doing, squirted into a plastic straw, inserted the straw in, squeezed grease in as I slowly retracted the straw

I don't know if I did it right or put the straw far enough in yet because the boat is on the hard, I plan to do a little bit more

The dealer wanted $400 to do what took me two minutes...and $8...

I was worried I hadnt greased in the past year but you are making me feel less worried if you haven't greased in so many years!
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