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I'm pretty happy with the see handling on the troll. For comparison, I owned a mid 80's 35' chinese trawler and an 88 4388 bayliner. Each had its issues, good and bad. The trawler had a pretty round bottom and would roll...a lot. Not so you were in danger, but enough that your deck chair would slide across the boat. It had a square stern and got beat up a little by even moderate following seas.
The Bayliner had a harder chine and less dead rise, at least in the back half of the boat. Better ride than the trawler, and frankly better than a lot of pretty nice boats i've been on. Very little roll, relatively speaking. One issue was that it was a "wet" boat. In even modest seas we'd take LOTS of water over the bow and up onto the windshield. For novice boaters, including my wife at the time and most guests on board, that can be pretty disconcerting. If you compare that 4388 to the 47's or even 38 bayliners, its got a much lower bow, no doubt to minimize the sight loss as the boat came up on power. It took following seas better than the trawler or the troll

The troll is ok in following seas, but being relatively short, if you're not on your game at the wheel, you can get snapped around pretty quick. But if you pay attention, you do pretty well. Its also a "dry" boat. Very seldom get any appreciable water past the bow. Since its shorter, it goes up and down a lot in anything 3 feet or more. Hell, even 2 foot seas can keep you on your toes.
Overall, I feel pretty positive about the troll. Not the best, but way better than lots. In the end, I don't care what boat I'm on...if I'm headed past Point Wilson on an ebb tide with a westerly wind, I'm going to be nervous as hell and prepared to get knocked around.

Troll has been a good choice so far. Lots of well built stuff that you only realize when you compare it to some of the other stuff I've cruised around in.
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