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Been through many times and never had a problem. However in the winter there may not be suffcient time during daylight hours to transit the narrows. Worked on the ferries in the 70’s and the maze of nav lights looks like a Christmas display. I wouldn’t want to thread that needle. However one’s chart plotter would deliver as long as it kept working.

We encountered a dog once that seemed intent on comming aboard. And a deer (also swiming) that was doing a “see and avoid” and running out of steam. Got out but I think it was on the shore he came from.

As to the ferries fishboats get right alongside and the ferry boat just ignores boats all around.

Never done it w radar but if you’re dialed into your system that shouldn’t be a problem either.

Slow boats like our Willard 30 do need to assure there is plenty of daylight time to get through with the predicted tidal current.

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