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Based on your picture, the valving appears to be setup for a standard 4 tank Californian LRC aft cabin boat.

If you have a center queen, then you won't have four tanks as someone else already mentioned.

Normally, if you have two full sized beds, one each, port and starboard, you should have two 120 gal tanks under each bed. The valves change the fuel draw and return only between the two tanks on each side. If one side only has three tanks, then one of the tanks has been removed or replaced with one large tank. Maybe it was leaking and the PO didn't replace it.

My boat also has one crossover line between port and starboard tanks which is controlled with two gate valves on the inside tanks. Allows you to level up the fuel load. Generator only draws fuel from Starboard tanks and on longer cruises you can develop a list.

If you lift the deck plate under the bed mattress you can check out the hoses and tank configuration. The PO may have modified the birthing or tank setup and just left the valving for four tanks in place.
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