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I used chemical striper on the botom of a 37' trawler in 2011. Took me and my brother two days. I used the same stuff I use in my flooring business a Zip Strip product. It worked fast in about 50* weather. The key in my case was a generous coat giving it about 20 minutes before scraping with a sharp scraper or putty knife. The stripper could be neutralized with water so I hosed each section as I went to avoid softening the gelcoat.

You can actually do more work faster with a 1-1.5" tool as long as you keep it sharp. I did have to sand after to get some spots and a smooth finish but was able to move the sander like an eraser on a chalkboard. Used a dust hood and vacuum on the sander. Also had plastic under the boat to catch debris.

Then did 6 coats of barrier. The Interlux rep. recomended I alternate white (I think) and gray barrier coat to make it easy to see any missed spots. A flag coat of black ablative bottom paint then 2 or 3 coats of red ablative.

The hardest part was sanding, it's hard to hold the sander over your head. We did make some low staging so we could lie on our backs, elbows on chest to make it easier. Also wore Tyvec suits and full face respirators.

Good Luck!

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