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Originally Posted by suntansailor View Post
All, thanks for all the great suggestions. However the problem did not exist before, and no extra gear has been installed. I am sorry, but my boat did not list previously, and I want it to be level.

The ONLY thing I have done is add fuel to both tanks, and also added water.

The water tank is easy to see that both are equal in levels after being filled, so that is not the culprit.

The diesel tanks are the ones that you can't see visually, and fuel gauges seem to be less than accurate. Getting a dip stick in there is being a contortionist at best.

After taking in all the suggestions from everyone, my plan is to close the port and stbd valves for the equalizer tube. Then will shut off the starboard tank feeder valve to the cat engine, and draw from the port tank only to see if this will equalize the weight loads, and make the listing more acceptable in time from use of the engine while depleting diesel from that tank.

Once level, I will reopen the equalizer valves. When adding any diesel fuel from this point on, I will make sure to add EQUAL liters on each tank.

Again, thanks for the input!
Don't open your equalizing valves once it is level. Your list will likely return. Equal levels in the tanks do not necessarily mean you will have a level boat. It will vary depending on the boat fit out and the storage. Things like the level of your holding tank will change the list.

If you can't vary your storage or ballast to level the boat, then you have to vary your tank levels. Whichever tanks (water or fuel) are furthest from the centreline will be the most sensitive to changing your list.

Just adjust the list by usage of water or fuel.
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