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RE: Designing and Building a dining table

Whistledoc wrote:
If you want to use cherry, I have a barn full...probably a couple of thousand board feet. 4/4 5/4, 8,4 and 12/4. Some of it has been dryng for 10 years and some of it I cut* and had sawn last year. Some of the boards are 12 feet long and probably 14" wide. I have 48 acres and whenever we lose a tree, I take it to the sawmill. Have walnut, cherry, white and red oak, and tons*of poplar, some hickory. You can ha e whatever you need for free...just figure out how to ship it.

The wider the board the more likely it is*to warp or cup. Thicker is not necessarily better as weight accumilates rapidly . When I was building Annie we could get teak for bout $10 per bf. I recently did a quick project for* friend and it had reached $30 per bf in Houston Texas. Cherry is light but fairly soft but is probably half the weight of teak. Easy to work and stain. Has a retty uniform grain with few knots. This is our table. I used 5/16*teak oveer plywood. Plywood is very stable, fairly light and does not tend to move.

Where are you loccated??


Whistledoc, your boat is quite a wonder, your table is amazing, and I wish we had even a small portion of your wood-working skills. *

We live in St. Catharines Ontario Canada and keep our boat at Point Breeze on Lake Ontario in New York State (about a 1/2 hour from Rochester). *We will probably decide on cherry for our table because, as you mention, it does seem to be an easy wood to work with and stain with fairly uniform grain.

Interesting that you mention that you have hickory as well. *We used hickory when we installed wood floors in our home and we also used it for our kitchen cabinets.. not widely available here in Canada, but I love it!
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