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Originally Posted by HiDHo View Post
Our Krogen Manatee 36 has closed cell pvc coring from the rub strake down to the keel. The coring doesn’t absorb water, I saved the plug from a thru hull we added, I submerged it several days in a glass of water and the closed cell pvc did not absorb water. The cored hull compared to a previous solid f/g hull is quieter and the coring insulates in cold weather so no condensation problems.
The hull showed no deflection when hauled out and blocked up. Last block up was for several weeks while the bottom was blasted clean, blisters repaired and epoxy barrier coatings applied. The coring is very rigid which might be why no block up pad deflection occurs. I can however see how a hydralic trailer might be a problem putting the total weight of the boat on the small pad area.
Thanks Rufus I will definitely avoid hydralic trailers !
QUESTION: Why does a "state of the art" boat get blisters?
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