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Appreciate the comments.Here is the video I found which was taken in the Beneteau factory. Without looking at it again I think they moved to vacuum bagging, but well after the 2004 manufacture date.
It`s not an entirely academic discussion. Apart from the numerous thru hulls our boats have, this one has leaking around the portlights either side of the bow cabin. Due I`d say to failed sealing; it`s not recent, there is corrosion on the inside plate and seepage down the interior wall to a wooden shelf below discoloring the finish. There might also be a minor leak in the companionway ceiling below,maybe coming through the deck.
It`s a shame,otherwise an attractive boat, most other issues are likely to be overcome, well kept and I think well serviced, with surprisingly low hours. However, someone should have picked up on those portlights.
Sadly,this may be the deal breaker.

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