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2000 MS 390 listing issue...again

Okay, I am the first to point out out that sometimes group help is better than going here goes.

I was under the assumption that my listing to port was due to water in my swim platform. After completing all that work, and eliminating that situation as the cause for the listing, the boat is still listing to port. Here is what I have done so far:

1. checked the fuel tank vents, and all seem clear.
2. made sure both valves were open that facilitate the fuel tanks equalizing.
3. then pulled off the equalizing hose (challenging as it was on for 18+ years) to verify both valves were not clogged, which they are not, as well as the hose does not have any blockage in it. Boat still lists to port.
4. then removed both fuel fill caps to ensure proper venting just to be sure, and boat still lists to port.

Now I have closed the stbd fuel supply valve to my engine, and have the cat diesel just draw from the port side to use up fuel in that tank as a jury rig fix.

Anyone have any other suggestions on this? I constantly get VHF and cell calls saying my trawler looks like it is taking on water, but all bilges are dry. The weight distribution of furnishings is the same as it was when I bought her, so can't say too much weight on port side.

Water tanks are full, and equalized. I did put fuel in both tanks while in the yard, as it was easier and cheaper than going to marina fuel station.

Suggestions anyone?
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