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The PO of my boat was 88 years old and suffering dementia. Not a single system worked correctly and many didn’t work at all. The boat was priced accordingly. In the end almost every cause of system failure was due to the PO disassembling something and failing to reassemble it correctly. Either that or some one was sabotaging in his boat.

The most annoying thing he did was to repair hose leaks by slitting 6” of hose and clamping it over the original hose. The ones on the engine were easy to spot. The ones hidden deep in the cabinets on AC cooling lines were only found after water started running across the kitchen floor.

The funniest one was the univalve in the hydraulic steering. For what ever reason he disassembled the univalve and reassembled it incorrectly. Result was the boat would only turn to port. It didn’t bother him, when he wanted to turn to starboard he just turned on the autopilot and spun the knob clockwise.
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