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Originally Posted by Pack Mule View Post
Iím with you Lou . Iíve fixed a bunch of stuff from previous owners . Not sure who did what . But I ainít gonna dog them here cause heck they could be a new prospect when Iím ready to sell . Iím sure the next owner if any will cuss some of my repairs as well. Iím no shipwright but I do the best I can do. The only repair I think weíre obligated to discuss with a new owner is wherever we used 3m 5200. Each tube should come with little stickers that say ď3m 5200 here leave it beĒ
Now THAT'S funny... I don't care who you are...!!!

As far as "dogging" anybody out here... that is not the point of this thread. Although some of this is truly comical, it seems most mentioned to this point are electrical, and many of those have been dangerous.

I think bringing them all to light is a great learning experience on what NOT to do for many who may be less-than-experienced in some of these areas.

Never know... a mention of one of these may ring a bell for some owner that didn't realize what he also had on his boat is a real issue.

We could be saving lives...!!!
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