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Originally Posted by suntansailor View Post
Thank you all for the feedback...I will follow the advice to pull out the assembly and work on it out of the below deck. I believe to "kit" I ordered comes with the new bellows, o rings, quiet motor, and hardware. I had also order the 4 duckbills previously for maintenance purposes. Now I am hearing that once this rebuild is complete, the system should be better tan before.

And yes, I am a bit hesitant on attacking this, as I have no previous experience on this style of toilet...but assume after I clean my hands up from the rebuild I will be sort of an expert...I hope. Thanks again to the forum members for their input.
The only problem I found with Vacuflush was my lack of knowledge regarding how they work. Once I got over the hump knowledge wise I realized just how simple a system it is.

A simple diaphram/bellows type vacume pump sucks the vacume tank “dry”. Remember the tank is on the suction side of the pump. The pump has a in series pressure/vaccume switch. On the pump the suction side duckbills are what holds the vaccume. The outlet side duckbills keep effluent from backflowing into the pump. Quite simple once you get the concept down in your head.
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