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Originally Posted by suntansailor View Post
Also having no confidence in the 4 light level gauge for the holding tank and water tank with outside the tank copper foil level sensors, as it always shows 3/4 full.

So will install simple Wema/Kus analog gauges with in tank senders to see if that improves accuracy. Water tank sender will be easy install, but dread the holding tank sender install where it is located...once completed I will update with pictures.

A bud with our same boat model installed the foil sender, says it works fine for him. Dunno what brand, or what the gauge (display) is.

We have the WEMA/KUS senders, both fresh water and holding tank. Easy installation... although we had to cut an access for the much longer water tank sender.

They both work fine; helps to do a Mark I* eyeball comparison of tank level to gauge display while you have visibility to the tanks.

The holding tank sensor can occasionally get crudded up with uric acid crystals... so we have two sensors. Out with the old, in with the new takes about 30 seconds. Re-making the electrical connections with male/female spade quick-connectors (or similar) takes about 15 seconds. We usually put the "used" sensor in a container with muriatic acid (or similar), let it soak itself clean, store it for the next swap. We usually get 2-3 years out of each before swapping.

In a pinch, a major THWACK! on the tank top with a rubber mallet will often free up the sensor enough so it'll work 'til you get a more convenient time to deal with it.

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