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RE: Paper Charts

Linked to your DL? not so, at least in BC

It is a criminal offence to operate a vessel "while impaired by alcohol or a drug", or to "blow over .08", or to "refuse to blow". Conviction will result in a fine AND a suspension of your operating privileges. It is up to the sentencing judge whether the suspension goes beyond operating a vessel, into "driving". I have been lawyering for 30 yrs and, while impaired defence has been only a small part of my practice, I have never seen a judge prohibit an impaired driver from operating a vessel, nor a vessel offender from driving a car. I actually had to argue that driving privileges should not be affected for an impaired vessel operator, several years ago. They weren't.

As for boats without sleeping/cooking/toilet not having alcohol aboard? Show me one. Bet you can't find a "dry" boat at the local launching ramp on a summer weekend!
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