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He was a guy from another era where it was socially more acceptable to hold an alternate opinion and disagree respectably. Lots of folks did not like him because he pointed out things he felt were weaknesses in boats they liked. Pascoe would most importantly tell you why he thought an issue was a problem, and thatís the important point.

I think that was more of a common belief system that unfortunately, does not seem to hold up in todayís world so much. I love my Tolly, but would not think less of it were someone to call out a perceived shortcoming. Iíd be more inclined to agree and add to the list. Heck, Tolly himself was extremely uncomfortable when someone would call his boats the best boat made. He was proud of his boats, extremely proud. but even more so, the hard choices they made to provide the right value, and that means that nothing was ever going to be perfect. He would rattle off a list a mile long on your dear beloved vessel if you prompted him, which I made the mistake of indulging once. I think Pascoe shared the same belief system, more principled than blind belief in any one or two brand, even though he was pretty clear what he was partial to.

The thing I learned most from Pascoe, that understanding why you held an opinion was the most important thing, more so than some blind overall conclusion that any particular brand was either good or bad. He would consistently answer both mail and phone.

He will be missed.
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